CNC lathe spindle internal parts

CNC lathe spindle – what the innards look like

The accuracy and life of a CNC lathe spindle depend on the material, the accuracy of manufacture, and the quality of the bearings. A better spindle gives you better better quality of parts and higher machine life. A better spindle also costs more money. So when machine X costs more than machine Y although they are the same size, it is probably because X has better build quality. Keep this in mind when buying a machine, instead of merely deciding on the cheaper machine.

CNC lathe spindle internals - side view
CNC lathe spindle internals - end view

1: Spindle lock nut
2: Spindle
3: Double row cylindrical roller bearing
4,5: Headstock housing
6: Angular contact ball bearing / Taper roller bearing. Prevents axial movement of spindle. 7: Double row cylindrical roller bearing
8: Labyrinth cover
9: Spindle bore
10: Spindle

Data courtesy: Micromatic Machine Tools Pvt. Ltd.


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