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CAD/CAM software for CNC lathe programming
CAPSturn reduces cycle times and programming time. It enables you to take on complex jobs confidently. First-time-right programs and 100% accurate cycle time calculations are guaranteed. Makes your business competitive and profitable.


Automatic safe path logic with zero collisions.

The program generated by CAPSturn can be loaded on the machine and cut right away, without any editing.

There is no machine downtime for program checking through single block and dry run.

Cycle time is drastically reduced by automatic cutting parameters selection.

No dependence on skilled programmers

Automatic tool nose radius compensation and gouge prevention ensure that you can take on parts with complex geometries, with no rejections caused by contour inaccuracies.


Rolex Engineers

Chinchwad, Pune
Very effective and easy Software. Doesn't need any skilled CNC Programmer any more. part cost has reduced significantly, this software help us to quote accurately.

Pradeep Khare

Making NC programme is easy. CAPSturn is a easy to learn which can be learnt very easily. Wide variety of operation always come handy and it gets the job done without any tears.