Wiper inserts in CNC turning

CNC: Wipe off some cutting time with wiper inserts

We want two things in finish turning:

1. Good surface finish

2. Low cutting forces so that part distortion is minimized.

A wiper inserts looks just like a normal insert, and comes in the same shapes (C, D, V, W, etc.). The difference is in the nose radius. The nose is actually a combination of radii instead of a single radius. So you can double the feed rate and achieve the same surface finish, with an increase of only 10-15 % in cutting forces. Which means you halve the cutting time, but get the same quality. Alternately, you can use the same feed rate and get a better surface finish – Ra values are typically 2 to 3 times lower. On some materials you can even eliminate a grinding operation. Also, at a higher feed rate chips are thicker and break better.

In sum, the benefits of a wiper insert are:

When cutting at high feed rate

– Reduced machining time

– More number of workpieces with a single insert

– Better chip breaking When cutting at normal feed rate (used on normal inserts)

– Improved surface finish

– Eliminate the finishing step by roughing and finishing together

This short article has a more detailed explanation on how a wiper insert can improve your productivity and quality.

Pic. and text source: CADEM NCyclopedia multimedia CNC training software


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