Insert flank wear in CNC turning

Flank wear in inserts – CNC turning

Pic. and text source : CADEM NCyclopedia multimedia CNC training software

Flank wear occurs as the work material wears the cutting edge, like the manner in which a knife blade gets dulled over time. Of the more than 10 types of tool wear, this is the most preferable because it the most predictable and never leads to sudden tool failure. The rate of flank wear will be high if the Cutting speed is too high, there is insufficient coolant, or you are a tool grade with poor wear resistance.

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The heart of the house ?

Saw this sight in a place called Sandur, in North Karnataka.

How come the whole house was demolished and carted away, but only the commode was left behind? Which of these reasons could it be ?

A. The demolition contractor didn’t have the heart to break the heart of the house.

B. It’s a religious ritual in some strange religion practised by house demolition contractors.

C. The demolition contractor had a dispute with the house owner, quit just as he reached the commode.

When you read about the mining scandal in Karnataka, Sandur is the place they’re talking about. It used to be full of forests and wildlife. I spent 5 years of my childhood here, and our chief pastime was hanging around the forests and streams (see the first two pics. below). Now the place is a sea of red dust (the last two pics. below).

Sandur, before the mining scams.

Sandur, after the mining scams.

Sandur is also home to a nomadic people called Lambanis, known for their stunning clothes – check out the jewelry, embroidery and lovely colors.

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