CNC Turning – reducing radial cutting force

CNC – Reducing radial force in turning and boring


You need to reduce the radial force to:

1. Reduce bending of long parts

2. Reduce vibrations, improve surface finish and dimensional accuracy

3. Reduce distortion of thin walled parts.

Just 4 rules to achieve this:

1. Use a holder style with a larger approach angle, ideally 90 degrees.

2. Use an insert with a smaller nose radius

3. Use a positive insert

4. Use an insert with a sharper edge

The Document on reducing radial cutting forces in CNC turning explains the 4 rules in more detail.


The Pineapple – a status symbol long ago

The pineapple was originally a native of Paraguay. In the 15th and 16th centuries, trade ships carried it to other places around the world.

Because of the fruit’s strange looks, great taste and scarcity, in Europe it became a status symbol to possess one. It was extremely expensive (each fruit costing the equivalent of today’s Rs. 5 Lakhs), and only the extremely rich could afford it. The owner of this status symbol didn’t even eat it (people can’t see your status symbol if it’s in your stomach, right ?). He or she just carried it under the arm at parties and social events, like one would carry a Loius Vuitton or Prada bag today.

I got this interesting info trawling the web to figure out why my mouth felt sore every time I ate pineapple (which is often). Was the problem with me or the fruit ? It turns out that the fruit contains a protease enzyme called bromelain. The function of a protease enzyme is to break down protein into amino acids, and what the bromelain is doing is literally eating up your mouth and creating tiny sore spots. Bromelain is used as a natural meat tenderizer, for this reason.

Sounds horrifying, but the sore spots heal in a few hours, and the benefits of eating the fruit outweigh the sore mouth. If you want to further avoid the sore mouth, just don’t eat the core of the fruit. Bromelain is most concentrated in the stem, in the middle of the fruit, so avoid eating this area.


I wonder if, along with the thorny exterior, the bromelain is another protective mechanism to make the fruit unpalatable to animals ? Which animal would like to eat something that gives it a sore mouth, right ?

India happens to be the 5th largest grower of pineapples in the world (after Costa Rica, Philippines, Brazil and Thailand)