CNC face milling – simple idea to reduce machining time

Reducing machining time in CNC face milling

Simple idea to reduce machining time in CNC face milling

Most times we blindly use the same tool path for rough and finish CNC face milling, and the tool path looks like the one in the ‘Finishing’ picture below. This is inefficient for roughing, and with a little tweaking you can reduce the machining time. The ‘Roughing’ picture below shows the tweaked and more efficient tool path. Example: If you’re milling a 300 x 180 mm plate with a 100 mm dia. face mill, the time saving with this tool path is 16 %. That’s BIG.

CNC face milling - different tool paths to reduce roughing time

Cadem’s CAPSmill CNC milling programming software has separate tool paths for rough and finish miling, to reduce cycle time.


Lunch and some laughs in Sodabottleopenerwala

I’m a fan of Irani cafes and Parsi food, and recently walked into a restaurant with the quirky name of Sodabottleopenerwala for lunch. The place has great Parsi food, the ambience of an old Irani restaurant, and a nice little bar. Also humour in the menus and various sign boards. The menu is about half and half green and red dots – in India a green dot means vegetarian, red means non-vegetarian. The word non-vegetarian is peculiar to India, by the way, because of the large number of vegetarians in the population.

The restaurant’s name comes from the Parsi custom of surnames based on the profession, and many of the words are in Gujarati (one of approx. 1600 languages spoken in India), which is the mother tongue of Parsis. So you have names like Daruwala (Daru means liquor, and wala means person, so ‘person engaged in the liquor trade’), Kaandawala (Kaanda means onion), Screwala, Driver, Rubberwala, Engineer, Contractor. And yes, Sodabottleopenerwala IS an actual Parsi surname, not concocted just for the restaurant. It means a person who deals in soda bottle openers. Surnames originating from professions are quite common in various communities in India and the world over, actually – like Smith, Potter, Shepherd, Mason, Baker, Cook, Gardner.

This joke is from a placard in the restaurant. Translations: In Gujarati, Dikraa means boy, Aii ley means ‘here, take this’, Bawaji is a respectful term for an old person, Tamaaru means yours, Maaru means mine, Biwi means wife.

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