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CNC machining technology, CNC programming, CAD/CAM

Suite for learning CNC programming and CAD/CAM

seeNC Mill, seeNC Turn         
CNC program simulation software

Software for learning manual CNC programming. Checks the program for syntax errors, lists errors and locations, shows the tool path through graphical simulation. Supports Fanuc canned cycles.

Highly effective for learning process planning, tool selection, programming for CNC turning and milling.

CAPSmill, CAPSturn               
Conversational CAD/CAM software

Has in-built CAD to define the part shape, tools and cutting parameters database, extensive set of machining operations, tool path simulation, and generic post-processor. Conversational screens, tool selection guidance and auto FS selection minimize learning and using time. Has quick reference on data for CNC machining like tolerances, accuracy symbols, tool selection, etc.

Free student version allows students to install the software anywhere and use it for 60 days.

Learn CNC programming through a CAD/CAM software popular worldwide in industries for production CNC turning and milling.

Multimedia software for learning CNC technology

Teaches CNC technology in a highly effective manner through animations, video, pictures and text. Covers CNC machine construction, machining operations, work holding, tooling, FS selection, machine setting, manual CNC programming, CNC programming through CAD/CAM.

CNC machine simulator

doNC is CNC machine simulator software, designed to provide competency in operating CNC machines. Like flight simulator, it enables a trainee to learn machine operation without an actual machine. Trainees can safely and efficiently practice their machine operating skills on a PC, and get ready to operate real CNC machines in a very short time. Colleges and training centers can greatly reduce investment on expensive equipment.


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