Software for CNC machining

CNC productivity improvement

CNC skill development


Software for CNC productivity

  • CNC machine monitoring , OEE
  • CNC cycle time reduction
  • CNC programming
  • DNC, Drip feed DNC, Free DNC


Software for CNC Skill Development

  • Multimedia CNC teachware
  • CNC program simulation software
  • CAM software
  • CNC machine simulator

Products for Industry

CAPSturn, CAPSmill

Cycle time reduction+programming software

  • Reduce cycle time, machining cost
  • Eliminate trial part rejection
  • Get scrap weight and sale value
  • Maximize spindle power utilization
  • Reduce dependence on skilled programmers
  • Get highly accurate cycle time for quotes
  • Can be used by operators
  • Training time 4 hours


Production and Productivity tracking system

  • Track production quantity, rejections
  • Track downtimes, OEE
  • Improve profits by reducing waste
  • Get production data on email, desktop or web
  • Track and reduce machine breakdowns
  • Get crisis alert SMSs on mobile phone
  • Automatic 24/7 tracking and reporting


DNC software for PC-CNC program transfer

  • Transfer programs in seconds
  • Eliminate machine downtime for program entry
  • Call programs from machine
  • Prevent mixing of proven and trial programs
  • No part rejections due to outdated programs
  • Restrict physical access to PC with programs
  • Do die milling with drip feed

Products for Education

NCyclo Turn, Mill

Multimedia Teachware for CNC Machining

  • Highly effective teaching through multimedia
  • Reduces teaching time
  • Improves understanding, retention of topics
  • Covers machine construction, operations
  • Cutting tools, cutting parameters
  • Work holding, programming
  • Eliminates time for making teaching material
  • Gets the shop floor into your classroom

seeNC Turn, Mill

CNC program simulation software

  • Speeds up learning of manual programming
  • Checks for program errors, lists them
  • Simulates logical errors, like collisions
  • Teaches tool selection, process sequencing
  • Has inbuilt programming guide
  • Reduces load on faculty
  • Compress more exercises into lab time
  • Comes with guides and exercise workbooks

CAPSturn, mill

CAM software for production machining

  • Teaches automatic programming
  • Teaches tool selection, process sequencing
  • Post processors for all popular controls
  • Teaches cycle time, machining cost reduction
  • Machining power, torque calculation
  • Scrap volume, weight, sale price
  • Prints shop docs, teaches shop floor systems
  • Import part geometry from external CAD

doNC Turn, Mill

CNC Machine Simulator

  • Teaches machine operation
  • Program entry/editing, setting offsets
  • Jog, Edit, Memory, MDI modes
  • Realistic 3D simulation – chips, coolant, sound
  • Teaches collision avoidance, safety rules
  • No machine damage due to accidents
  • No cost of consumables
  • Supports variety of CNC consoles

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