Productivity Improvement

Unmanned machine monitoring. Reduce downtime and rejections, improve OEE.

Cycle Time Reduction

Reduce cycle time for CNC machines. Reduce part rejections, dependence on expensive CNC programmers.

DNC for program transfer

Wired and wireless DNC for program transfer between a PC and CNC machines. Supports drip feed.

Free DNC

Do-it-yourself DNC for 1 machine with connection details for 100+ controllers. Free, no strings attached.

Multimedia CNC teachware

Helps teach machine construction, operations, tools, programming, etc. Improves teaching efficiency.

CNC Program Simulation

Lab tool for learning manual programming, process planning, tool selection. Simulates tool path.

CAM Software

Lab tool for learning programming through CAM software. Supports Fanuc, Siemens, Haas, Fagor, etc.

CNC Machine Simulator

Enables training on machine operation without expense of an actual machine. Simulates 60+ controls.