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CNC machine simulator software
doNC is CNC machine simulator software, designed to provide competency in operating CNC machines. Like a flight simulator, it enables a trainee to learn machine operation without an actual machine. Trainees can safely and efficiently practice machine operating skills on a PC, and get ready to operate real CNC machines in a very short time.


Operate a 100 % realistic machine console

Select from a wide variety of controllers

Learn operation modes – Memory, Edit, Jog, etc.

Learn entry and editing of NC programs

Learn machine operation – Jog, Emergency stop, etc.

Learn how to set work offsets, tool offsets, wear offsets

Cut parts on the machine

doNC greatly reduces investment on expensive equipment.

Emulates a wide variety of lathe controllers – various models of Fanuc, Siemens, Mitsubishi, Haas, etc.

Who can use doNC

Training centers of industries, for training CNC operators, setters and programmers. CNC and CAD/CAM labs. of Engineering, Diploma and ITI institutes.
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