5. Insert cutting edge geometry

CNC: Insert cutting edge and chip breaker geometry selection

Would we cut or a log of wood with a kitchen knife, or a tomato with an axe ?

No ! Because we know that this would be the result.

We however do the equivalent of this every day on our shop floor, when we use inserts without thinking about the cutting edge geometry. Result ? Higher cycle time, lower product quality, higher tool costs.

The cutting edge looks the same on all inserts, and the fancy pattern on the insert looks like it is just for aesthetics. However, these are the equivalent of the axes and the kitchen knife – they are different for different workpiece materials and applications (roughing, finishing, etc.).

Just understanding this document and selecting the correct chip breaker geometry can dramatically improve the productivity and quality in your CNC machining.

Pic. and text source: CADEM NCyclopedia multimedia CNC training software.

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